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A Reliable Dentist for Your Child

Health care is classified as a fundamental need for all, especially for children. While considering a child’s health, one should always remember that dental health adds up to the general well being of a child, and as such it should be considered highly important. There are numerous dental clinics out there and the process of […]

Kids Dentist Grand Junction

Prevent Plaque and Tartar Buildup for Healthier Smiles

It shouldn’t be a surprise that plaque and tartar buildup have negative effects on our oral health. And while most people know what plaque and tartar are, they are often surprised to find out what causes plaque and tartar and what you can do to prevent both from occurring. What is Plaque? Dental plaque is […]

Dr. Ben Brown | Kids Dentist Denver

Does My Child Need Dental Sealants?

Tooth decay is the most widespread dental disease among children, including children in Colorado.  At Smiles 4 Kids we can help prevent or reduce the incidence of decay by applying sealants to your child’s teeth. What Are Dental Sealants for Kids? Dental sealants are thin coating that is applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of […]

Smiles 4 kids

Fun Ways to Promote Kids Dental Health

Encouraging and developing healthy oral hygiene habits early in life is an important part of maintaining our general and oral health as we get older. But for most parents, getting kids to brush their teeth twice a day can be a huge chore, and you can forget about getting them to floss regularly. Developing good […]